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Howdy Pardners! Welcome to Frontier Village of San Jose, Californee. This here website is dedicated to the memory of a mighty fine little family amusement park that existed from 1961 to 1980. On September 16th of 2000, a posse of amusement park/roller coaster enthusiasts gathered at the site of the long-missed park. At the suggestion of Frontier Village fan Elliott Fong, we met to commemorate that 20 years had passed since Frontier Village had its "Last Roundup." We shared souvenirs, photographs, memories and came away thinking that there are probably lots of other folks that would enjoy remembering Frontier Village, too.


FVbillboard1.jpg (111064 bytes) FVbillboard2.jpg (80588 bytes) FVbillboard5.jpg (53995 bytes)

With some purty fast workin', in less than two weeks the website was ready to premier on September 28th, 2000. That date was exactly twenty years to the day since the Last Roundup, the final day of the park.

Founding Webmaster, Kim Pedersen, did a masterful job of creatin' a website that reflected the style and nostalgia of the Village in it's prime. In February, 2001, the Remembering Frontier Village "hands" assembled at the Pedersen Ranch to relive some Village old times, discuss the future of RFV and chat about the assignment of chores around the ol' RFV "ranch".

Mat Lindstedt had a hankerin' to try his hand at minin' the treasure of FV pictures and memorabilia (that had been dug out from memories and garages of some old FV "hands") and slappin' leather (or slapping pictures) into the ol' website.

After the RFV Gang split up the chores, lot's of great new ideas were planned for the site. So sit back, keep your mouse trigger finger nimble and enjoy "Remembering Frontier Village."

Webmaster: Mat Lindstedt,

Contributing Writer: Elliott Fong

Historian: Allen Weitzel Founding Webmaster: Kim Pedersen
RFV Evangelist: Shaughnessy McGehee

Do you have any pictures or souvenirs of Frontier Village to share? If so, drop us a line. How about a story or memory you have of the park? By all means, mosey on over to our Stories page and share it with all of us Cowboys and Injuns.

(artwork from original 1961 brochure-by Paul B. Murphy)
(non-park produced photographs copyright Kim Pedersen)