Employees - Part I
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The heart and soul of a successful enterprise is made up of the employees. Judging from the wonderful stories on our Stories Yahoo Group, Frontier Village was extra special because of the quality employees that worked there. Many ex-employees have shared fond memories of their days of the park in our Stories group, now it's time to honor them with a spot on our website. If you worked the park and would like your picture here, send it on in. Either e-mail them in jpeg format to Mat Lindstedt, the RFV webmaster, or write me to make other arrangements. I'm at mat@lindstedt.com.

Allen Weitzel, 1967.

RFV Picnic 2004


Allen Weitzel, Mat Lindstedt (Webmaster), Warren Weitzel, Joe Zukin, Pat Hanna,
Shaughnessy McGehee (RFV Evangelist)
,  Ed Hutton.


Disney trip in 1969
Clyde Adamson, Don Anderson, Chuck Lowe, Warren, Joe Zukin.
Back: Keith Kittle.  Front: Carl Agler and Allen.


Bill Kelsey, 1965
Bill Kelsey, 1993

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Cowgirl Jay..
Jay in Paris, her favorite city.

Easter Bunny Lana Justice.
Darlene Lethin.
Indian Jim 1923-2005

One of the park favorites, Indian Jim. Click here to see larger image.

Indian Jim today, as seen in an oil painting.

Indian Jim's daughters, Anita and Elena, also known as the Hathway girls.
They weren't employees, but they helped their dad at the Trading Post. These dresses were handmade by their father.

Stephanie Blease- Friedbauer worked in several food sites at FV including Hot Dog On A Stick, Ice Cream Gazebo and Watermelon Pit. She now lives in the southwest with her husband Mike and their two boys.

Here we see Jan Lee back in 1969, standing by her 1956 VW convertible. Janet still brags about her letter of recommendation stating that she worked at FV from September 1969 to July 1969. Why do we think, Allen might have something to do with this.

The morning maintenance crew of 1966-67 consisting of Gary Ross, Allen Weitzel, Dave Kline, Woody McLeroy, Bob Daly and Bob Trifilo.

Pat Hanna and Bruce McLemore circa 1968/69.
They just finished painting the gallery target area in
preparation for a Winter season weekend.
Pat says "No, we are not part of the targets."

Food Supervisors:
Jennifer Kirchoff, Emily Kirchoff, Angela Maguire, Laurel Fitzgerald, Claudia Jenkins, Cherie Jaquez, Tricia

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