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This map is from Frontier Village's first promotional brochure. No Ferris Wheel yet, no spinner rides other than the Carousel, yet the main attractions that gave the park its character were in place. Take a look at attraction #11! It never came to be unfortunately, a petting zoo eventually ended up on the island instead.


At this time, Guests were required to purchase "tickets" for all rides. Later FV adopted the universal "unlimited rides" concept shared by most amusement parks.
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For those of you wanting to visit the former site of Frontier Village and locate in person where the attractions were, this may be the best map to take along, it is the most geographically correct. The 1977 map features the "new" Apache Whirlwind, which was built outside the original park boundaries.



The Last Roundup map. This was the year that Frontier Village took its last bow. Most of the original 1961 attractions were still there, along with many new goodies added during the park's 19 years of existence.