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The RFV website would not be a success without the many park Guests who have sent us their prized collection of Frontier Village photographs and keepsakes. If you have an old photo of you and your family at the park, send it in, we would love to add it to our scrapbook.     

  On February 24th of 2002, a bus load of die hard FV fans along with a few Fall Guys and the RFV founders met to reminisce about the their favorite amusement park, Frontier Village!. We laughed, ate great food and told our favorite FV stories.

(Bottom) Elliott Fong, Bill Perry, Randy Mitchell , Derek Hanna, Kim Pedersen
(Top) Chuck Lowe,
Shaughnessy  McGehee, Steven Wilson, Mat Lindstedt
Allen Weitzel taking the picture. Not pictured, but present, Pat Hanna.

Jeff Brekas shares his amazing collection of Frontier Village family photos. These picture where taken in 1963 and have incredible clarity!

A rare picture of the James Transfer & Storage buggy.

Jeff in front of the General Store.

Another rare shot of the school house from the foot bridge.

One question Jeff...Where is everyone? Looks like the you had run of the park!

1963. Two years after the park opened.


Art Gary

George Hewett

Tim Kelly

Scrapbook Part II