Souvenirs - Part I
Ya need a ticked to enter the frontier! But when the day is done, how many of us save those tickets for posterity? Here are various tickets and a ticket book from Frontier Village. The real collectibles are the two at the top left. They are dated September 28, 1980.  


Mat tried to be the highest bidder on eBay for these precious gems.

eBay often features treasured goodies from the park.

We've all seen them. They are the brochures at hotels that entice us to visit various attractions. Here are two promotional brochures, one from the opening year and one from the closing year. The souvenir picture booklet on the right was purchased at the park in 1980.



Lots of folks collect postcards. They're compact and easy to store. They are also a pleasure to pull out and look at. You'll recognize some of these views from other sections of our website, Frontier Village had some beautiful postcards.  

At Frontier Village you too could see your name in the headlines. Just write what you want, pay a nominal fee and come back in an hour. Kim got two for the price of one (they spelled his name wrong on the first one).  

Nice badge!  

Pat Hanna shares a few of his prized FV button's.

Paper cup collecting? Yep, Kim is a certified pack rat. Someday he will make a fortune with it on eBay!   
 The big green guy had his own button!  
 This is an employee button from 1980. It has faded from the bright orange color it used to be, but the memories it brings are still strong.  
This poster was circulated to Frontier Wonderland Club Directors in 1980. Club Directors were the folks that handed out discount cards at hundreds of companies and organizations in Northern California. The words in orange at the bottom sum up the whole sad story.  
We don't have the park, but some of us still have dirt from it!  

Souvenirs - Part II