Souvenirs - Part II

Kactus Kong Frisbee.

Frank's FV wallet.


The Village had some great expansion plans shown here on the back of this 1968 brochure. Notice the Suspended Mine Bucket ride and the rafts carrying Guests to the Haunted Island. Too bad we never saw these attractions come to life.

Park Brochure 1a.jpg (103814 bytes)
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Many cars in the valley sported a cool FV decal.

Notice the "punch out's" in the original train ticket.


FVSP Railroad Ticket.jpg (268380 bytes)
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Park Brochure 4a.jpg (130578 bytes)
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Park Brochure 2a.jpg (118911 bytes)
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Rare FV coasters.

Cute memo pad.

The Village hands were a close bunch. Read!


Balloons and Punchballs were big hits at the park. Read about how the park used the helium balloons as another creative marketing tool.

A rare FV belt buckle and matching spoon and fork set courtesy of the Cryptoys Collection.

Here is a picture of the first mock-up sample of the Kactus Kong Plush toy that we ordered as a giveaway prize at one of the Games. Keep in mind that this was a prototype shown to the park staff before placing the order for the complete run of plush Kactus Kong toys/dolls. In the amusement industry, when purchasing "plush animals" it is not uncommon for an unfinished sample to be made and shown to the buyer, before a large "run" is purchased. This is the only mock-up sample in existence of this plush item, thanks to Donna Raphael, former FV Merchandise and Games Supervisor.

Tom Rose sent in a Camden High Senior Class Graduation Party ticket. 10:30 to 5:00am,,,What a night that must of been. Thanks to Barbara Regello for sharing her memories.