This is an ALL NEW slideshow for 2009!!

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Almost 600 images just like these!!!

Re-live all your Frontier Village memories!

It's gone forever, but now you can own a set of awesome park memories!

  • There are FOUR shows on this one DVD: The main slideshow, a memorabilia slideshow, a home movie and commercial show, and a "unique image" slideshow.
  • Main slideshow: I've added 112 images to the main slideshow, totalling 388 images for this show. Some color shots and some black and white. All are marketing images taken by various park photographers, or Joe Zukin, park founder. I've added sub-titles to many of the pictures so you'll know what you are looking at. I've added an awesome original song written by Claire Mix called "The Village". It's a catchy tune about Frontier Village that will have you singing and tapping your feet!! The main slideshow is now 46 minutes long.
  • Memorabilia slideshow: I added 72 images of items from my extensive Frontier Village memorabilia collection. It's a 7 minute show with all kinds of cool stuff to see!
  • Home movie and TV commercial show: I've added my families 8mm Frontier Village home movie from 1968 as well as 4 TV commercials. Thats 6 1/2 minutes of "moving" memories!!
  • Unique Images slideshow: This show has some cool behind the scenes images. 135 images total. Photos inside the Lost Dutchman Mine ride taken with a flash. Shots of a fire at the Hayes Estate prior to the start of construction. Many rare and never before seen shots around the park. 17 minutes long and a very interesting and enjoyable show!!
  • Menu Screen: I've added a menu screen that displays when the disc is placed into you DVD player. You choose one of the four shows that you want to watch. Click play and the show begins. When the show is over it returns to the menu screen and you can then choose the next show you want to watch on the menu.
  • Souvenir Park Map: Included with the DVD is a reprint of a Frontier Village park map. Just a nice item to look at and see the orientation of the rides, buildings, etc of the park.

This show is now 595 images, with more music, and 4 videos. That's 1 hour and 17 minutes of Frontier Village memories!!!!

 This is the ultimate for ANY Frontier Village fan or amusement park fan in general. If you have any questions about this slideshow please email me!


(compatible with Macintosh w/ DVD, Windows PC w/ DVD, and home DVD Player)

PayPal account not required

A portion of the proceeds help support Remembering Frontier Village website.

+$2.50 S/H



                       About the author, Tim Stephens;

Tim Stephens, of San Jose, California, is one of Frontier Village greatest fans. He has amassed the largest collection of FV memorabilia around, with over 2000 prized items. Tim's bounty includes rare park photographs, postcards, bumper stickers, glassware, name it, Tim probably has it or is hot on its trail. Tim spent weeks combing his treasure chest of one-of-a-kind photos to put together a rare glimpse into the majestic beauty of Frontier Village.


Tim with Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick at the 2005 summer picnic.