UPDATE! See what the Ferrisnaut is up to now!

Around and around and around. That's what Guinness Book of World Record holder Jeff Block and Rena Clark did. They rode the Frontier Village Ferris wheel for a record 37 days, 29,744 full trips for 353.95 miles. They each received $500 from Frontier Village, and raised $5,209 for the Police Athletic League's Youth center project. They were allowed five minutes per hour off the wheel for bathroom stops and could add these up for things that took longer such as showering. They ate their meals on the wheel and slept at ground level on the wheel in what they described as a "White Coffins", wooden boxes that fit the cars and were padded inside. There only complaint after their record setting trip, "numbness in the end."

Rena Clark         Jeff Block

Rena spending some quiet time reading on her way to all most 30 thousand trips around the wheel.

Jeff getting his hair cut high a top the trees of the Village.

Ferrisnaut facts compiled by Gene Gilbert.