The History of the Marshal
Part II

Marshal Ron (Jabaut) was the first Village Marshal. Joe Zukin indicated that Ron Jabaut was former law enforcement officer. When Joe met Ron, he felt Ron had the look and stature of a Marshal, as  Joe pictured a Marshal to be. Ron also had his own western gear. Ron actually started working before the Village opened and sold shares of stock in the company and was featured in the pre-opening publicity photos.

Ron Jabaut
1930 - 2013





The second lawman was Marshal Clyde (Adamson). Clyde started with the Village as one of seven outlaws, just before the Village opened to the public. As an bad guy, Clyde used the stage name of "Jake the Outlaw". He belonged to a "Fast Draw" club called The Bravados. By the first Summer (1962), Clyde was the only outlaw.

 Tribute to Marshal Clyde Adamson 1940-2009

 Bill Kelsey started at the Village in the Summer of '62, as well. Bill bluffed his way into a maintenance type job, claiming to be a talented artesian; he was the primary "Bubbling Pot maker" for the Mine Ride. Bill Kelsey participated as the outlaw on Clyde's day off and on weekends. In December of 1962, Clyde sprained his knee and could not perform any "falls."  It appears at that time, Bill Kelsey became the primary outlaw.


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August 1, 1963, Clyde was contacted by the Village to assume the Marshal position, replacing Marshal Ron. Marshal Clyde reigned as the Village lawman until the end of September, 1969. At that time, Clyde transferred to the Maintenance Department and Chuck Lowe superseded Clyde as the protector of Law and Order. Clyde remained with the Village until April, 1971. Chuck (being a forward thinking kind of guy) decided not to be called "Marshal Chuck". He 
suggested that all Marshals (including him, from that time forward) 
be called Marshal Westin (Westin being a family name for the Lowes).  Ron, Clyde and Chuck were the only lawmen to be full time salaried.

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